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My Experiences in WorldSkills Competition 2022 Special Edition

In this post, I will talk about my experiences in the Worldskills competition in Goyang.  First of all, let me introduce you to the WorldSkills Competition. WorldSkills competition is an International competition held in many fields of expertise (IT, Jewelry, mechanical, etc). Like any other competitor, I started from the regional level. At the same time, I met some people who had the same goals as me. They had a CTF team and one of the admins of that team invited me there. To be honest, I learned a lot of things from this team and the members (Also I still learn from them :D). We passed the national level competition together, and AmirFarzam and I were selected as the official competitor of WSC. We worked very hard for 2 months. I remember the day Farid and I were working literally 24 hours without a mere eye shut. Finally, after 2 months, it was time to go to Korea. It's worthwhile to mention that it was also my very first flight and I was very excited at that time. Korea is a gr

Hello World

Hi. I'm Amir Mohammad Jahangirzad and it's my first post for this blog. I also had another blog ( - in Hugo, but I lost those files. In this blog, I will write about cyber security and low-level concepts like reverse engineering, binary exploitation, malware analysis, and also my experiences. My purpose is to share knowledge and experiences with people who are interested in this field..